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IRS: 'Broke' Sacramento landlord earned plenty

7:33 PM, Feb 28, 2014

SACRAMENTO - The owner of a boarded-up house involved in a fatal fire last week who claimed in court documents that he's broke had an average adjusted gross income of $369,000 in three recent tax years, according to IRS documents.

Flu outbreak continues

7:01 PM, Jan 27, 2014

The worst of flu season may not be over yet.

Victim's mom helped bring down 'Revenge Porn' website

5:26 AM, Jan 27, 2014

The so-called "King of Revenge Porn" is out on bail following his arrest by the FBI for allegedly stealing nude photos from hundreds of email accounts.

Police: Armed Lodi man shot, killed by officers

4:35 PM, Jan 25, 2014

A Lodi man was shot and killed by police after allegedly charging at them with a knife.

STOP initiative rejected by Sacramento City Clerk

12:26 PM, Jan 24, 2014

The petition drive to require a vote on city financing of a downtown sports arena was rejected by the Sacramento City Clerk Friday.

Hydrant tests waste thousands of gallons of water, official says

8:02 PM, Jan 23, 2014

Since the start of the water cutbacks, the city has received close to 500 complaints of water waste and has issued about 58 citations.

Caltrans warns of impending Hwy. 50 work in Sacramento

6:33 PM, Jan 23, 2014

SACRAMENTO - For approximately six weeks beginning in early May, a Sacramento highway crossover will undergo repairs, a project that will have a major impact on traffic, Caltrans says.

Delta College student safety issues continue

4:36 PM, Jan 23, 2014

STOCKTON - A female student was assaulted on a wooded path during daytime hours Wednesday.

Speaker Boehner visits Calif. for drought bill

4:01 PM, Jan 22, 2014

House Speaker John Boehner says he'll support an emergency drought-relief bill to help farmers through what's certain to be a devastating year.

Jerry Brown's 5 best State of the State moments

2:03 PM, Jan 22, 2014

Gov. Jerry Brown's State of the State speech lasted a little less than 17 minutes. Here's our take on the moments and messages that mattered the most.

Case of the missing fire keys

10:39 PM, Jan 21, 2014

SACRAMENTO - Thousands of businesses and homes could be in danger of break-ins and thefts because of keys that are missing from Sacramento City Fire Department stations.

Caltrans lets closed auto yard deteriorate

5:23 PM, Jan 21, 2014

STOCKTON - When Caltrans forced a Stockton business to move to make way for freeway work, the agency passed on securing that property from thieves and vandals.

Water-wise Sacramento carwash a model of efficiency

8:45 AM, Jan 21, 2014

SACRAMENTO - A local carwash is keeping up with water cutbacks thanks to a pre-planned approach for conservation.

Sacramentans enjoy guilty pleasures of warm winter

6:12 PM, Jan 20, 2014

SACRAMENTO - The unseasonably warm weather has people enjoying activities they wouldn't normally do in winter.

The truth about So. California's water use

2:04 PM, Jan 20, 2014

SACRAMENTO - Northern Californians who blame the water shortage on their wasteful neighbors to the south as much as they do the lack of rain may be surprised to learn the truth.

Water Busters: When can you water your lawn?

11:18 PM, Jan 18, 2014

As the tips started coming into the tipline, we got reports of unoccupied homes or homes for sale with automated sprinklers that were set to go off throughout the day.

Search continues for 1965 plane wreckage in Folsom Lake

7:55 PM, Jan 18, 2014

Search crews hope Folsom Lake's low water levels will give them a hand in finding the wreckage of a plane that went down in the lake in 1965.

How Roseville turns sewage into usable water

7:29 PM, Jan 17, 2014

While nearly two dozen Central Valley communities are wrestling with 20 percent cuts in water use. But, one city has plenty of water to keep its public areas green year round, regardless of how much rain falls.

Stockton water worries not so great

4:39 PM, Jan 17, 2014

STOCKTON - The Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta supplies much of Stockton's water, so shortages aren't likely.

Search begins for 1965 Folsom Lake plane wreckage

9:26 PM, Jan 16, 2014

An Idaho-based husband and wife sonar search team has begun looking for the wreckage of a plane that plunged into Folsom Lake on New Year's Day 1965, killing four people.

News10 reporter goes on mission to educate water wasters

8:55 PM, Jan 16, 2014

News10 reporter Gabriel Roxas drove through the city of Sacramento to find people not following the water use restrictions.

Kings now accepting Bitcoin payments

8:05 PM, Jan 16, 2014

On Thursday, the Kings organization began accepting Bitcoin purchases, making it the first professional sports franchise to do so.

Legislature leader scramble renews north vs. south debate

10:57 PM, Jan 15, 2014

The leadership of both houses of the California Legislature looks to be in the hands of southern Californians by the end of 2014 -- a breaking of an unwritten Capitol rule some say should be preserved.

Fire breaks out on Delta island; who comes to the rescue?

9:07 PM, Jan 15, 2014

RIO VISTA - When a grass fire broke out among a community of cabins on a remote Delta island, multiple dispatchers were asking the same question: Whose jurisdiction is the island in, anyway?

Little League coach sues former player for injury

7:03 PM, Jan 15, 2014

A former Little League coach has gone to court against a former player, the boy's parents and Lakeside Little League for more than $500,000 for what he says happened moments after his team won a game.

Sacramento water conservation inspections begin

6:11 PM, Jan 15, 2014

City officials say the only way to enforce the ordinance is by tracking outdoor watering.

Woman assaulted during massage files suit against company

7:55 PM, Jan 14, 2014

An assault case from two years ago is back in the spotlight. The victim said she was assaulted during a massage at a reputable location.

High school student invited to play in Grammy jazz band

6:44 PM, Jan 14, 2014

SACRAMENTO - One of Rio American High School's jazz band members has been chosen to play at one of the biggest musical stages in the world: the Grammy Awards.

Stockton's ceasefire appears to be working

4:32 PM, Jan 14, 2014

STOCKTON - High bail amounts are keeping drug and gang suspects in jail under Operation Ceasefire.


Proposed initiative would ban voter-passed bonds for Calif. high speed rail

7:29 PM, Jan 13, 2014

SACRAMENTO - An initiative process is underway that may put a red light on California's high speed rail project.

Do water meters impact water usage?

6:17 PM, Jan 13, 2014

SACRAMENTO - As the Sacramento City Council prepares to take up a mandatory 20 percent water cut across the city, many are turning to their water meters to see where their water is really going.

Brief rainfall brings short-lived hope to dry region

7:16 PM, Jan 11, 2014

For a brief moment the skies opened up and offered some relief from the dry conditions, but it was too little too late.

American River's reduced water flow quickly evident

7:19 PM, Jan 10, 2014

The impact of the low water level on the American River can be seen in the expanding gravel beds.

Boarded-up doctor's office in Stockton goes up in flames

6:50 PM, Jan 10, 2014

SACRAMENTO - What used to be a medical office caught fire in Stockton Friday.

Police: Couple turns panhandling into profitable business

10:14 PM, Jan 9, 2014

Investigators said a pair of self-described Romanian gypsies raised hundreds of dollars in just a couple of hours by using their small children to get sympathy from generous shoppers.

4 political hurdles for Jerry Brown's new budget

6:08 PM, Jan 9, 2014

The governor's budget is all out in the open.  But key parts of it face some tough political hurdles in the weeks and months to come.