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Nintendo acquires patents from IA Labs after failed lawsuit

3:43 PM, Jan 9, 2014   |    comments
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After an unsuccessful patent infringement lawsuit attempt against Nintendo was filed and processed by IA Labs, a judgement has been levied allowing Nintendo obtained the entire AI Labs patent portfolio.

IA Labs sued Nintendo for patent infringement in April 2010.  Nintendo was able to successfully defend against the lawsuit's claims, obtaining judgment in its favor in February 2012.  The trial court also awarded Nintendo some of the costs and fees it incurred defending the case. 

IA Labs then appealed the trial court's ruling only to have the original verdict confirmed Nintendo's win in June 2013.  The company was then further ordered to pay Nintendo additional costs incurred in defending the appeal.  Because IA Labs did not pay the amount due, a sheriff's sale was conducted in Montgomery County, Maryland, to sell IA Labs' remaining assets, including its patent portfolio.  Nintendo obtained IA Labs' entire patent portfolio at that sale as partial repayment for litigation costs. 

"Nintendo's track record demonstrates that we vigorously defend patent lawsuits, like the IA Labs lawsuit, when we believe we have not infringed another party's patent. This includes holding those who sue Nintendo responsible for the costs and expenses incurred in patent litigation," said Richard Medway, Nintendo of America's vice president and deputy general counsel.  "Nintendo has a long history of developing innovative products while respecting the intellectual property rights of others." 

Nintendo was also the subject of another patent infringement lawsuit in the recent past in regards to the 3D viewing technology used in its 3DS handheld gaming consoles.  The company came up on the losing side and was ordered to pay the technology's inventor, Mr. Seijiro Tomita, $30.2 million in compensatory damages.


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