Game Guys review - Girls' Fashion Shoot

5:35 PM, Dec 19, 2013   |    comments
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  • Video game 'Girls' Fashion Shoot' for Nintendo 3DS.
  • Video game 'Girls' Fashion Shoot' for Nintendo 3DS.

Released by Rising Star Games for school-age girls, the Nintendo 3DS game Girls' Fashion Shoot is one of those niche games that's designed with a specific target audience in mind.  While other games may be content to be chock-full of manly action, this title ventures to the other end of the spectrum full of pink, frilly, girly fun.

The game finds players as they enter into the world of fashion.  Beginning a career in the industry, players strive to become not only the next top model but also the editor of the in-game fashion publication.  The fun that is to be had really has nothing to do with running the magazine or anything of that sort.  Rather, it's in being creative with photo shoot sessions, creating looks and outfits for models, and sharing creations with others.  In short, players will be modeling outfits for the magazine, putting together articles about those outfits, and entering auditions as they shoot for the top.  It's the kind of fun that's designed for a girl, yet is presented in a manner that works well enough for even a creative adult male to enjoy.

Where this game shines is with its customization features.  There are quite literally hundreds of individual options ranging from outfit ensembles, nail color, and even stickers and backgrounds from which to choose.  Anybody with a creative streak should be instantly drawn into this title.  For those who aren't so artsy, don't worry because the controls are very easy to command and things are only as complex as you allow them to be.

One glaring weak spot with Girls' Fashion Shoot is with its presentation.  Visuals are clean, though not all look to be of exactly the highest resolution possible.  Furthermore, some screens appear washed-out thanks to the soft pastel hues and light overall color palate including of the models themselves.  Also, the look of the models in specific just doesn't quite look right.  Character models look semi amateur in quality and suggest that the fit and finish of a professionally made video game might not quite be there.

For its intended audience, Girls' Fashion Shoot should be a hoot - especially among tween-age girls.  For everyone else, it may prove to be a nice little distraction or guilty pleasure from time to time but it probably doesn't have the staying power to generate much of an out-of-audience following.

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Version tested: 3DS

(Rising Star Games supplied a copy of this game for review.)

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