Lake Almanor neighbors talk about Reno hospital shooting suspect

11:54 PM, Dec 18, 2013   |    comments
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Neighbors of the man who shot three people at Renown Regional Medical Center before turning a shotgun on himself said 51-year-old suspect Alan Frazier had said he wasn't coming back when he drove away to Reno.

Neighbor Jan Hammill told Reno Gazette investigative reporter Martha Bellisle that Frazier had had a surgery that led to painful complications.

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"She knew that he had had the procedure in Reno and that there were problems, that he was in a lot of pain, that he had spent some time researching to try to figure out what to do about it," Bellisle explained.

Frazier lived beside Lake Almanor in Plumas County, Calif., about 130 miles northwest of Reno.

"He was helpful, he was available, he was very friendly," Bellisle said neighbors told her.

Frazier lived in a small home surrounded by firewood he spilt for the winter, with a Bobcat in the front yard for removing snow, according to Bellisle. Bellisle found Frazier's home with help from News10, after she spotted his license plate as Reno police were towing away his GMC 4-wheel drive.

"One family who lived across the street said he was a hunter and fisherman, he had a dog named Buck and he used to take the dog out golfing and hit the ball so the dog could chase it," Bellisle told News10.

"They're stunned, because they knew this person as a friend and now they know him, they said, as a killer," she added.

Neighbors said Frazier had apparently been mostly out of work after losing his job several years ago at a nearby power plant.

When Frazier left for Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno, Mike Hawthorne, his neighbor across the street, said Frazier told him something that only later made sense.

"He knew that he was going to do that because he said, quote, 'He told me he wasn't gonna come back. He wasn't coming back.' So Alan Frazier went to Reno knowing that he was not going to return to his home," Bellisle said.

Two of Frazier's three victims were urologists, with one dead and another still in critical condition. Reno police could not confirm that Frazier was a patient of either doctor.

But Reno police did confirm Frazier had gone into Renown Regional Medical Center, to the third floor where he went in to the urology clinic and warned waiting patients to leave before going inside to open fire.

















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