New gameplay and storyline details emerge for MMORPG Inferno Legend

8:05 PM, Dec 4, 2013   |    comments
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'Inferno Legend' is an MMORPG from Gamebox.

Chinese games company Changyou has released a new gameplay video as well as storyline information about its upcoming MMORPG, Inferno Legend.

Being referred to by the company as the "Anti-Diablo", Inferno Legend lets players play as the devil against humankind and the heavens.  The in-game world is controlled by human and angels and the players just so happen to be born into a family of devils.  Unable to get along, however, the angels and human start a century-long war in a fight for power.  As a devil, it's up to the player to step up, end the fighting, and restore justice.

Players will battles alongside other players and are enabled to build their own devil army.  There are hundreds of creatures (servant-monsters) waiting to be summoned.  Servant Monsters become the player's pets and owning multiple pets will help players build a devil army.  By putting them at the appropriate spots of their fighting formation according to their attributes and abilities, players have various choices of strategies in battles.

Currently a PC-exclusive, Inferno Legend is on schedule to launch into closed beta testing December 10.  A browser based version of the game and an IOS/Android version will be launching at a later date.


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