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Game Guys review - Lost Planet 3

9:11 PM, Sep 5, 2013   |    comments
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  • Published by Capcom, 'Lost Planet 3' is developed by Spark Unlimited.
  • Published by Capcom, 'Lost Planet 3' is developed by Spark Unlimited.
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  • Capcom's Lost Planet series is one of those perennial underachievers.  It always seems like it should be a AAA-caliber title, yet never quite makes it regardless of how entertaining the games wound up being.  With Lost Planet 3, a game which serves as a prequel to the two previous titles, it appears that underachieving is simply status quo for the franchise.

    Set in a time where E.D.N. III (the planet on which the game takes place) is still little more than a frozen sphere, players control Jim Peyton.  He's a freelancer/mercenary who signed on to take a highly dangerous job on the planet to support his family back on Earth.  He's also a guy with a rather cool mech (called "rigs" in this game) at his disposal.  Regardless of what his official job description might read, his real job is to keep the colony stabilized and the facility running - all while dealing with growing threats from the planet's wildlife.

    With a new developer taking the reins in Spark Unlimited, Lost Planet 3 provides players with a good helping of backstory and series lore in addition to the rig commanding and third-person shooting.  The story provided is average at best, but it does well to provide some depth and realism to a series that was lacking in it.  It's also presented fairly well.

    As far as the action goes, it's mostly entertaining yet far from perfect.  It's also not quite the same as series vets would recall from the first two games.  This time around it feels much more like a generic third-person shooter.  Maybe that's why the rig-focused segments stand out so well.  One thing in specific was found to be of notable annoyance, however, as navigation markers form a breadcrumb-like path to anywhere Peyton needs to go.  It's annoying almost to the point of insult.  Spark must think that gamers have no sense of direction.

    Running the Unreal engine, Lost Planet 3 looks rather good - especially when it comes to players faces.  The icy environments of E.D.N. III are well presented, though are nothing to rave about.  They do, however, provide a good sense of vastness and loneliness that one might expect from a frozen near-wasteland.

    Lost Planet 3 might not be the AAA-caliber title that it could have been such as Dead Space 3 and Tomb Raider, but it is rather well made and does provide a mostly entertaining playthrough.  Gameplay is extended through a few multiplayer modes that are nothing special on their own, yet work well enough within the title.

    Those looking for a new action title to check out before the next gen consoles come out in November and those who simply enjoyed the previous two LP games should probably give Lost Planet 3 a go.

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    Version tested: Xbox 360 (also available on PS3 & PC)

    (Capcom supplied a copy of this game for review.)

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