America's Friendliest and Most Unfriendly Cities

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  • 10th Friendliest - Branson, Missouri (Photo Courtesy of Mike Matney, Flickr Commons)
  • 7th Most Unfriendly City - Albany, New Jersey (Photo Courtesy of J. Stephen Conn, Flickr Commons)
  • 8th Most Unfriendly City - Wilmington, Delaware (Photo Courtesy of Sean Marshall, Flickr Commons)
  • 9th Most Unfriendly City - Anaheim, California (Photo Courtesy of Yong Thye, Flickr Commons)
  • 6th Most Unfriendly City - Los Angeles, California (Photo Courtesy of Michael Huey, Flickr Commons)
  • 10th Most Unfriendly City - Sacramento, California (Photo Courtesy of Kelly Huston, Flickr Commons)
  • 2nd Most Unfriendly City - Oakland, California - (Photo Courtesy of Thomas Hawk, Flickr Commons)
  • 5th Most Unfriendly City - Atlantic City, New Jersey (Photo Courtesy of Metal Chris, Flickr Commons)
  • 4th Most Unfriendly City - Detroit, Michigan (Photo Courtesy of Ralf H., Flickr Commons)
  • 3rd Most Unfriendly City - New Haven, Connecticut (Photo Courtesy of Michael GagnonFlickr Commons)
  • 8th Friendliest - Telluride, Colorado (Photo Courtesy of AZ CHAPS, Flickr Commons)
  • 7th Friendliest - Natchez, Mississippi (Photo Courtesy of Sunny Brook, Flickr Commons)
  • 6th Friendliest - Jackson, Mississippi (Photo Courtesy of Robert E. Weston Jr., Flickr Commons)
  • 9th Friendliest - Sonoma, California (Photo Courtesy of Bill Walsh, Flickr Commons)
  • 5th Friendliest - Austin, Texas (Photo Courtesy of Peter Tsai, Flickr Commons)
  • 3rd Friendliest - Savannah, Georgia (Photo Courtesy of J. Stephen Conn, Flickr Commons)
  • 2nd Friendliest - Galena, Illinois (Photo Courtesy of J. Stephen Conn, Flickr Commons)
  • Friendliest City in America - Charleston, South Carolina (Photo Courtesy of JR P, Flickr Commons)
  • 4th Friendliest - Asheville, North Carolina (Photo Courtesy of Travis, Flickr Commons)
  • Most Unfriendly City in America - Newark, New Jersey (Photo Courtesy of Lisa DeLange, Flickr Commons)
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Scroll through to see the 10 friendliest then least friendly cities in America according to website Condé Nast Traveler.

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