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New app offers to "hook up" Facebook friends

11:03 PM, May 10, 2013   |    comments
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DAVIS, CA - A new app is promising a quick and easy way to find out if any of your Facebook friends might have more than just friendship in mind.

Bang With Friends will let you choose which of your Facebook friends you might consider a hookup with. If your friend has downloaded the app and included you in the same category, the app lets both of you know.

And the two of you can take it from there. Or not.

The app has begun to gain traction in spite of the fact that even though it's makers, who have not identified themselves, admit that a software flaw allows early adopters, those who signed up before January, to have their actions viewed by all of their Facebook friends.

A venture capital group is reportedly offering a $1 million to help refine and develop the app.

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Davis residents had this to say about the app:

"Probably just rowdy college students looking for a good time," said one young woman, a senior at UC Davis.

"It is kind of sad that you can't just go out and even if you just want to have casual sex you can't just meet someone in real life to do it with," offered one of her companions at the same table.

At the next table another student offered a view that seemed to be fairly constant with men who were interviewed, many of whom said they'd prefer anonymity.

"I'm interested in the ease of notifying if you want to bang people, he said as he laughed.

"I feel like it's weird with your friends on Facebook," one young diner said about the app.

"The lazy version of Quick and easy," suggested another young female student outside a local beer bar.

"Sex always sells, you know. I'm actually gonna try to install it on my phone right now," said another male student.


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