Inventures: Sacramento tech company uses cloud to set up networks within

10:19 PM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - A Sacramento technology company is out to change the way IT departments operate across the globe.

It's developed a first of its kind technology that automatically configures wide area networks up in the cloud.

"We're creating something novel," Jeff Gray said. "And it has legs for the future."

Gray is the Chief Executive Officer of Glue Networks. The Sacramento native founded Glue Networks with Olivier Huynh Van. They were working in London, manually building advanced wide area networks.

"Basically, it was going into the field and spending hours deploying these boxes, routers, devices," explained Huynh Van, Chief Technology Officer. "Struggling, trying to find what the problems were."

"We decided to form Glue in 2007 based upon the premise that if we could automate this complex process there would be a lot of value for enterprises and service providers," Gray said.

With Huynh Van commuting from France and Gray in Sacramento, the two bootstrapped the company for 3.5 years. They built "Gluware," a software platform to prove their technology and raised $4.5 million from seven angel investors.

"We're on a hockey stick growth pattern," Gray said. "And we're very excited."

Here's how it works: Gluware is hosted at Raging Wire, a Sacramento data center. From there, it sits up in the "cloud." From there it can build, maintain, monitor and manage wide area networks anywhere in the world. All you have to do is send the device wherever you want it configured.

"Plug it into the internet and the software then reaches out to that individual through an e-mail that's sitting right by the device," VP of Engineering Gregg Wyant said. "When they click on the email, it launches a piece of software where it reaches back to Glue. Glue remotely configures the device."

What used to cost a small fortune in manpower, taking days, even weeks, and months, now takes just minutes with the cutting edge "Gluware."

While seeking investors, there were some raised eyebrows. Some critics who questioned why they weren't based in Silicon Valley, but instead 120 miles away. For Gray, it was a no brainer.

"I am a fifth generation Sacramentan," Gray said, "This is my home."

There's been no problem recruiting talented minds to their team. Huynh Van even moved his family from France to the Capital City. It's a testament to how much they believe in Glue and how much they're willing to stick with it.

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