How to save money on your prescription medication

9:53 AM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO -  The cost of prescription medicine is driving people away from the pharmacy, even if it means putting their own health at risk.

But, according to ABC News, there are several ways individuals can save on medication without turning to home remedies.

Check the bill

First, check your bill, just like you would at a restaurant. There are codes for your drugs and billing departments often get them wrong. You could be paying several-hundred dollars more than you should.

Go to the app store before the pharmacy

Download the Low RX App. It lists the average cost for a particular drug, provides its generic counterpart, and directs you to local pharmacies that have it in stock. And go to big wholesalers, even if you are not a member. Sometimes the app will direct you to places like Costco for your prescription drugs. That strategy has saved many people at least a hundred bucks, according to ABC News. 

Bring your bartering game to the counter

If you go to the smaller mom-and-pop pharmacies, you do have the power to negotiate and bringing cash with you can increase your bargaining power. For example, for a $30 prescription, in many cases, you can talk your way down to $12 to $15.

Cut out the middle man

You can also go directly to the big drug companies, cutting out the middle man, but that does take a lot of work.

Get the discount card

The RX Access discount card offers savings on brand-name and generic prescription products. ABC News followed one family who used saved more than $1200 a month by using the card.


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