Podcast: Questions for Brown

8:07 PM, Apr 18, 2013   |    comments
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You'd think reporters traveling with Gov. Jerry Brown for nine days in China would have exhausted all of their questions for the man.

You'd be wrong, of course.

That's, in part, because there really was no time to hear the governor reflect on what he was seeing and what he thought it all meant.  And so, in the final hours of the Asian expedition, the three of us in the press corps who made the trip sat down with Brown for an exit interview on China... and more.

It's probably also because reporters always have more questions.

This week's Capitol Connection Podcast is an unedited conversation between the governor and those of us who made the trip: myself, Anthony York of the Los Angeles Times, and David Siders of the Sacramento Bee.

We not only talk about China, but the legislative season ahead, the state budget, prisons, and gun violence.  Our regular analysis podcast will return next week, once the jet lag subsides.

(Some of the people you hear in the background are gubernatorial staff; the two men he refers to by name are his top jobs/business adviser, Mike Rossi, and chair of the California Energy Commission, Robert Weisenmiller.)

As always, you can subscribe to the podcast feed at either iTunes or SoundCloud

10:00 p.m. Update: The audio file was just replaced, after I realized the original one somehow looped part of the conversation for a second time.  My defense: jet lag.


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