News10's Bryan May answers why presentation to NBA was important to Sacramento's bid for Kings

10:06 PM, Apr 4, 2013   |    comments
News10's Bryan May interviews Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and California Senate President Darrell Steinberg in New York City.
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One presentation to a Board of Governors relocation subcommittee Wednesday was all Seattle and Sacramento had to convince the NBA that the Kings belonged in their cities.

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As the delegations arrived in New York City, hot on their tails was media from Sacramento and Seattle, plus national reporters covering the future of the NBA and the Kings. The reporters in New York City have been following the Kings saga since the beginning.

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News10 Sports Anchor Bryan May has been following the future of the Kings since reports of the team moving first surfaced last year. His reports and sources make him an expert in on the story; he even won an Emmy for his coverage.

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May did this Q&A to help explain why Wednesday was important to keep the Kings in Sacramento 

Why was the Wednesday NBA meeting important?

Wednesday was, we are hoping, the beginning of the end. By the end, I certainly don't mean the end of the Kings in Sacramento, rather the end of this long, long process to decide their long term future.  Wednesday both the cities of Sacramento and Seattle presented their cases to the NBA as to why they feel they deserve the team. The 12 members who make up the NBA's relocation and finance committee will take the information presented Wednesday and start to make a final decision.

What new information was learned?

Unfortunately, the biggest piece of information gleamed from the meetings was that this could go past the NBA Board of Governor's meetings back here in New York on April 18-19. NBA Commissioner David Stern said his owners still had questions that need to be answered before they can make a final decision. 

Is there anything more Sacramento can do between now and the BoG?

Yes, they can provide answers to whatever questions the NBA may come back at them regarding their proposal. There's not a whole lot either city can do at this point except answer any questions and provide a sense of confidence to the league owners.

What were the biggest concerns from the NBA?

We weren't allowed to actually sit in the meetings inside the St. Regis Hotel in New York, so I don't have an exact answer as to what, if any, concerns the NBA may have had with Sacramento's offer, or the offer from Seattle. I would suspect, they probably asked questions concerning each cities environmental issues regarding building such a big project.

How were the Seattle and Sacramento delegations feeling about their presentations?

Both delegations said they felt very good about their presentations. The Sacramento delegation was much more vocal, upbeat and lively in their press conference following the proposals, but, as I said on Twitter Wednesday night, winning the battle of the press conferences means nothing when it comes to an actual decision.

Can anything David Stern said at the press conference help us understand how the BoG is leaning?

One of his answers stood out to me, but it doesn't help us know which way things are leaning. I asked the Commissioner if he would offer any advice between now and the BoG in two weeks. You could see and hear in his answer that this is truly a very, very difficult decision to make, one the league really doesn't want to but knows it has to. Both Sacramento and Seattle are great cities with passionate NBA fans and both have put forward great proposals. Someone is going to come out of this very, very, very disappointed.

What would make the NBA lean one way over the other?

I hope one of the deciding factors could be which city could get their arena deal done first because I'm hearing the Seattle Arena couldn't be completed until the 2017 season while Sacramento's could be done in time to open the 2016 NBA season.

What's next in the keeping the Kings saga?

We wait. We wait to see and/or hear what questions the NBA may have for each city. We wait to see if we get any clues as to how things are going.

We wait to see if there will, in fact, be a decision made by the time the BoG rolls around or if we'll have to wait beyond that.  As Tom Petty sang, the waiting is the hardest part.


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