Game Guys review - Nyko UBoost for Wii U

7:19 PM, Apr 3, 2013   |    comments
A Wii U gamepad with Nyko's UBoost accessory installed.
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Ask nearly any Wii U owner and they're likely to tell you that the battery life of the console's tablet-like gamepad is less than stellar.  For shorter gaming sessions, it's just fine.  For longer ones, such as when playing a few games of Madden in one sitting, it's a gamble as to whether or not the gamepad's battery will last.  Gaming accessory maker Nyko has a solution in its UBoost attachment and it more than does the job.

According to Nyko, the UBoost provides for up to double the active playtime of the Wii U gamepad's standard internal battery.  That assessment seems to be right on the money as the gamepad lasted through four games of Madden 13 without needing to be re-charged.  Without the UBoost, the gamepad is typically flashing a low battery signal shortly after concluding the second game.  Furthermore, the attachment has a handy kickstand that stows nicely when not needed.  Other niceties with this extended battery add-on is that it fits easily onto Nintendo's Wii U gamepad charging cradle and doesn't add much to the overall weight of the gamepad.

Installation of UBoost is a cinch.  It simply slides onto the bottom-middle of the gamepad and has a built-in finger screw to prevent it from falling off.  It comes with instructions, though they're not really needed for anybody who pays attention.

Wii U owners wishing to have a beefier battery in their gamepad due to heavy gaming or laziness (ie: not putting it on the charger between play sessions) should give Nyko's UBoost serious consideration.  The device is available in both white and black for owners of either the Wii U basic and deluxe versions.

(Nyko Technologies supplied a unit for review.)


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