Game Guys review - The Croods Prehistoric Party

10:26 PM, Apr 3, 2013   |    comments
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  • 'The Croods Prehistoric Party' from publisher D3 Publisher.
  • 'The Croods Prehistoric Party' from publisher D3 Publisher.

Licensed video games are largely hit-and-miss.  When they hit, they hit hard, and when they miss, they miss by a mile.  There is little in the way of gray area in this department.  With The Croods Prehistoric Party, a video game published by D3 Publisher that ties-in with the Dreamworks major motion picture 'The Croods', they missed so badly that the game couldn't hit the broad-side of a brontosaurus.

Designed to be a party game, there really isn't much to The Croods Prehistoric Party.  There's no backstory.  There's no premise.  Unless you've seen the film, there's nothing at all to make the player care about much of anything in regards to this title.  Even those who have seen the film won't find much in the way of any of those things, as the movie's characters can just as well be replaced with lepric lemurs and it would be just as unappealing - though playing as lepric lemurs would certainly be more interesting.

The Croods is broken up into two main sections: on-demand minigames and a Mario Party-esque digital board game.  These are accessible through an awkward traversable mildly-interactive menu system - a menu with bugs of its own.

The selection of minigames is fairly good for a title like this, though the games themselves feel unpolished and cheap.  As for the board game part of this, there are a few different boards that eventually become available to players.  Everything is as fun as it is good looking and it's difficult not to be quickly bored with everything as a whole.  Even the kids for whom this game is designed should find themselves ejecting this game disk and opting for something more entertaining.

While Wii games are rarely touted for their graphics, The Croods Prehistoric Party is pretty ugly -- especially when played in up-converted HD on the Wii U.  The game's audio, complete with generic background music, follows suit and the little character quips that sound out get annoying fast.

Licensed or not, The Croods Prehistoric Party is a rather bad video game offering.  D3 Publisher probably should have taken a pass at this one rather than passing it off as something worth playing.

10/25 8/25 2/25 10/25 30/100

Version tested: Wii (also available on Wii U, 3DS, and DS)

(D3 Publisher supplied a copy of this game for review.)


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