Another woman accuses former West Sac cop of rape

11:52 PM, Mar 20, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - Former West Sacramento cop Sergio Alvarez is already facing charges that he sexually assaulted at least six women while in uniform. Now, a new possible victim is coming forward for the first time to share her story.

STORY: West Sac police officer accused of sexually assaulting 6 women

The woman, who doesn't want to be identified, recently called the tip line to inform police. She said she tried reporting the alleged rape by Alvarez when it first happened last year, but nobody believed her.

This woman said her car had broken down at night in West Sacramento. She had run out of gas so she went to try and go get some. That's when she said Alvarez pulled up. She said Alvarez checked her personal information in the computer and then threatened to take her to jail if she didn't do what he said.

The woman said after she was raped and left in the middle of nowhere, she was terrified to report what had happened to her, fearing that he would go looking for her.

Now that Alvarez is in custody, she just wants to make sure he doesn't take advantage of anyone else.

"I hope he's in there a long time for what he did, not just to me, knowing he did it to others too. That's just awful," the woman said.

The West Sacramento Police Department and the city of West Sacramento had no comment about the new victim and her claims, but stated they will "let the criminal process go through its due course."

Alvarez entered a plea of not guilty during his first court appearance.

A 5-month investigation ended in a grand jury indictment, his arrest and then his termination.

Alvarez had been with the West Sacramento Police Department for five years. It was his first job as a police officer.

By Suzanne Phan,

Twitter: @SuzannePhan


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