Manteca police accused of targeting Duenez supporters

10:53 PM, Jan 10, 2013   |    comments
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MANTECA, CA - Family members of Ernest Duenez released shocking video to get justice for what they call murder at the hands of Manteca police Officer John Moody.

They started a Facebook page called "Justice for Ernest Duenez Jr." to rally support, but some of the posts have caught the attention of law enforcement.

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"It's not right," Duenez's cousin Christina Arechiga said. "It shows their reach. It shows them trying to intimidate people so they can stop us from what we are doing."

Dominic Aguilar was arrested for felony terrorist threats because of a comment posted to the Facebook page. It read "50 rounds to your dome moody."

"I think people have a right to free speech," Arechiga said. "I feel they have a right to say what they feel as long as they are not acting on it."

Arechiga does not condone violence, but believes people express their frustrations in different ways.

"[Aguilar is] not the murderer. John Moody is the murderer," Arechiga said. "He may have put words on a Facebook page but he didn't go out and commit the crime."

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A Facebook post by Lathrop City Councilman Omar Ornelas that supported the Duenez Family was immediately removed. It read: "A while ago I put this picture up in my office so I never forget what the Duenez family is fighting for and what they are trying to do ... This picture will remain up as long as I'm in office, next to the U.S. Constitution. Keep up the fight."

"He represents the people of Lathrop and I think it's a shame he did take down" Arechiga said. "It's a shame he is being pressured to take it down."

Manteca police were not available for comment. They have maintained Moody was justified in shooting Duenez, a parolee who had a knife on him. The San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office agrees.

But the Duenez family said they will not be silenced and will not stop fighting for justice.


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