We're changing how we do our game reviews

1:29 PM, Jan 1, 2013   |    comments
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Ever since news10.net's Game Guys launched in 2008, game reviews always concluded with a letter grade akin to those a teacher might give a student on his/her homework based upon the reviewer's overall impression of the title.  That's all about to change.

With the new year comes a new way of assessing and reviewing video games for the website.

Our new game grading structure is based upon a 100-point scale.  Here's how it breaks down and what components we consider when assessing a game:

Gameplay: 25 possible points

• Controls
• Difficulty appropriateness
• Game world setup (ie: linear vs open)
• Player engagement

PRESENTATION: 25 possible points

• Overall visual presentation
• Look of characters and environments in specific
• Soundtrack, voice acting, and sound effects

STORY: 25 possible points

• Premise
• Storyline and characters
• Storyline vs gameplay

REPLAYABILITY: 25 possible points*

• Is the game fun enough to warrant multiple playthroughs?
• Does the game allow for something different when played again?

QUALITY: 25 possible points

• Noticeable bugs and glitches
• Gameplay/camera issues
• Performance issues (ie: frame-rate slowdown)

The sum of the four highest-scoring totals then becomes the official overall score, the maximum of which is 100/100 and the lowest of which being 4/100 (we do not give zeroes in any category).  Note that the Gameplay category will never be omitted.

In our view, the overall breakdown of what the end score actually means is this:

  • 100 = Perfect 
  • 90-99 = Great
  • 80-89 = Above Average
  • 70-79 = Average / Okay
  • 50-79 = Below Average
  • 25-49 = Bad
  • 00-24 = Terrible

While we've been happy with the letter grades for a game's overall impression, we think this new system will better serve our readers and web visitors.

*Replayability was added on April 13, 2013.


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