Dead Space 3: Better with Kinect?

11:55 AM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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'Dead Space 3' from Visceral Games and Electronic Arts.

When Dead Space 3 comes out in February of next year, Xbox 360 gamers will be treated with a feature not found on the PlayStation 3 and PC versions: Kinect controls.  Will the game ultimately be, as the tagline states, "Better with Kinect"?  Chuck Beaver, the game's story producer at developer Visceral Games, seems to think so.

"Once you try it and see the stuff we put in with some of those commands, you'll be like 'Wow, yeah, we need that.'  That's a good thing," Beaver told News10's Barry White.

Kinect controls for Dead Space 3 will be limited to voice commands only, with each vocalized command acting as a shortcut to something that would be slower to access via the game's standard interface.  Beaver says the Kinect commands are best utilized during co-op play.

"You can ask your player for ammo and health and stasis packs," explained the story producer.  "That comes up as a quick razz message and they can respond equally quickly and say, you know, 'Give my partner ammo and stasis and health' and that goes over to your inventory instantly."

Other commands, such as "find partner", "use quick heal", and "use refill stasis" also have their own in-game functionality.  The thought process behind these commands is that they're in-game functions that need to be easily accessible while in a panic; why go through the game menus when you simply holler out one of the commands and have the desired function simply work.

As far as whether or not gamers will make use of these commands or even want them, Beaver simply said "The proof is in the pudding."

Rated "M for Mature", Dead Space 3 is being published by Electronic Arts for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


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