SimCity - Multicity strategy video released

2:40 PM, Dec 11, 2012   |    comments
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'SimCity' from EA/Maxis.
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  • In October, Maxis debuted the first all-gameplay strategy video where Lead Designer Stone Librande gave you the first look at the inner workings of SimCity.   In that video, you not only learned that roads are the foundation of a successful city, but you also learned the basic infrastructures needed to start growing a city.  When Stone left off, he was just beginning to build out a tourism city using casinos.  Today he's back and he's showing you some advanced strategies for growing his casino city using Multicity play - one of the crowning achievements in SimCity.

    With Multicity play, you no longer need to provide all the required city infrastructures in one city.  Build a police station and share your growing police force with the greater region.  Have your friend build a fire station in a neighboring city and soon you'll see their fire trucks putting out flames in your city.  Just like the world around you, neighboring cities support each other through shared resources.  These are just a few examples of the Multicity play that you'll see today in Stone's gameplay strategy video.

    Built from the ground up to be a fully connected experience, Multicity play in SimCity gives you the option to choose how you play.  When you login and pick a region, you can decide to claim all the cities for yourself, invite your friends into your region to play alongside you, invite anyone in and make new friends, or join someone else's region.

    What kind of region will you build? You'll find out when SimCity launches on PC in March 2013.  The game has been rated "E10+" by the ESRB.


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