Game Guys review - Wheel of Fortune

4:50 PM, Nov 18, 2012   |    comments
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  • 'Wheel of Fortune', a PS3/Xbox 360 video game from THQ, is based upon the popular TV game show of the same name.
  • 'Wheel of Fortune', a PS3/Xbox 360 video game from THQ, is based upon the popular TV game show of the same name.

America's (seemingly) favorite iteration of 'Hangman' returns to the video game world with the recently-released Wheel of Fortune video game from THQ.

Faithfully adapted from the popular television game show seen weeknights on News10, the Wheel of Fortune video game features not only the same gameplay as is found on TV, but also the talents of Pat Sajak and Vanna White (though Vanna talks much more in the game than she ever did in the show).

Anybody familiar with the game show should feel right at home with the video game.  From the game-starting "Toss Ups" to the always challenging bonus round, the only thing Wheel seems to be missing is the ability to shout out letter guesses just like the contestants on the show do.  Actually, that's a bit too bad.  This game, while not bad, could be even better were it to utilize Kinect's voice command capabilities.  While choosing the letters on the on-screen keyboard is fine as-is, it would have been nice to at least having the option for vocal commands.

Casually entertaining as a single-player game going against AI opponents, the game is even more fun when adding real people which which to compete against.  Local multiplayer is, of course, the way to go thanks to having your opponent literally sitting next to you for some on-demand razzing.  For those playing on their lonesome, there is the option for online multiplayer play.  The only issue with this, however, is that there doesn't seem to be many people actively playing this game at all hours as there is with bigger titles like the latest Medal of Honor game.  Because of that, online matchmaking can take longer than most might want.

Like the video game adaptation of Jeapordy! that THQ released alongside Wheel of Fortune, this video game version of the word-puzzle game show is a pleasant play which which most should find themselves content.

Final Game Guys grade: B

(THQ provided a Xbox 360 copy of this game for review.)


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