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Dale Schornack, Cristina Mendonsa celebrate 15 years together on-air at News10

10:52 PM, Oct 25, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - News10 anchors Dale Schornack and Cristina Mendonsa reached a milestone this month: 15 years on-air together as an anchor team.

This makes the Schornack and Mendonsa the longest running anchor team in the Sacramento market.

Each wrote a letter to their co-anchor in celebration of this big anniversary:

Dale's letter to Cristina:


Thank you... for not running away to the network! Your major league talent, work ethic, intelligence, and charisma could have taken you there years ago. But you'd never know the joy of running your own teleprompter. And I'd be writing press releases for the DMV.

We have never been jealous co-anchors who count lines of script to make sure we get equal air time. Although, I do count the times that I thought we'd be called into the News Director's office for showing too much 'personality' on the air: 147. But it hasn't happened yet, so we must be doing something right.

How many times have we run into the studio for a 30 second update, that turned into hours of live breaking news coverage? We are blessed to work with some of the best reporters, producers, photographers, editors, assignment editors in the business. But in the studio, it is just you and me. And when it was done, we'd high-five, or fist bump, or hug. And we'd say to each other, 'I would not want to do that that anyone else.' You have made some of the most stressful moments in our careers, some of the most triumphant and rewarding.

Remember a few years ago, when a talent coach came to town, took us separately into a private room, and administered a personality test? The results determined that you were better suited to be Secretary Of State. And I should be working in a toll booth. I love the idea that only you and I understand why it's worked so well for so long. And yet it's so simple: Two good friends who genuinely care about and respect each other. And when we're live on the air and all hell is breaking loose, we've got each others' back. And we appreciate all of those other people who have helped keep us together for 15 years. We call them News10 viewers.

Oh yeah, the network called again. I put them on hold.

Cristina's letter to Dale:

Dear Dale,

It has been such a pleasure to sit next to you for the last 15 years.  Whether on the set or in our newsroom cubicle, I can always toss an idea, a thought or a bad joke your way and you'll always return fire with a poignant remark or that dry sense of humor that I and News10 viewers have come to know over the years.

Not only are you a great journalist, you are a good person with a compassion that shines through on your stories and is on display everyday in the newsroom.  We have shared professional and personal triumphs and tragedies many of those on air, some off air as we worked through the loss of co-workers or celebrated ratings wins.

Through the years, your advice has been valued, your calm, steady nature appreciated, your professionalism and work ethic admired and your friendship treasured.  I'm proud of our time at News10 and only hope fate conspires to keep us as a team for years to come.

Happy 15th anniversary!


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