CJ Games Global celebrates two years of Uncharted Waters Online

11:14 AM, Oct 3, 2012   |    comments
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'Uncharted Waters Online', a historical massively multiplayer online role playing game for the PC.

A new tide is rolling in today as Uncharted Waters Online, a historical massively multiplayer online role playing game for the PC, celebrates its second anniversary.  To commemorate the milestone, publisher CJ Games Global is kicking off a month of in-game and out-of-game activities for new and current players alike.

"Over the past two years, Uncharted Waters Online has grown into the leading historical MMORPG, and it's now our pleasure to give back to the community with a series of anniversary celebrations all month long," said Jina Song, COO, CJ Games Global.  "From its roots as a console game in the early 1990's, Uncharted Waters has a history of satisfying players who crave adventure, riches and conflict on the high seas, and we're proud to continue that tradition."

Anniversary festivities begin today and continue throughout October, and include:

  • Premium Ticket Blast: All players who are logged into the game on Saturday, Oct. 6 at 4 p.m. PDT / 7 p.m. EDT will receive a Premium Ticket simply for being in the game at this special time.  The Premium Ticket rewards the player with one of 15 possible covetous items, such as premium ships, weapons, armor and more.
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest: No celebration in October would be complete without a community pumpkin carving contest.  Players are invited to submit a photo of their best seafaring-themed pumpkin on the Uncharted Waters Online website until Sunday, Oct. 14.  All participants will receive 5,000 NC (premium currency) and the most popular entries, as voted on by the community, will receive UWO sweatshirts and special packages.
  • Battle Campaign Madness Event: Players who live for massive naval battles can now seize their moment of glory.  Starting on Monday, Oct. 15 and continuing through Saturday, Oct. 27, Uncharted Waters Online will feature massive multiplayer player-versus-player naval battles of more than 200 ships, with special rewards for the victors.
  • Weekly Boosts: Until Tuesday, Oct. 23, players will receive double the regular EXP, skill and quest rewards.
  • Massive New Expansion, El Oriente: One of the biggest expansions to Uncharted Waters Online is scheduled to launch on Oct. 16, and will open up several East Asian countries to explore for the first time, including China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

Distributed by Netmarble, the game portal from CJ Games Global, and developed by Tecmo KOEI, Uncharted Waters Online is set in the romantic Age of Exploration.  Players can conquer hundreds of cities to help make their nation the world's leading naval power. Sailors can choose to fly the flag of one of six nations, including England, the Dutch Republic, the Ancient Régime in France, the Spanish Empire, the Kingdom of Portugal and Republic of Venice.

Players can choose the path of a merchant, soldier or adventurer, with each path providing a distinct way to experience the game.   With countless lands awaiting exploration and thousands of artifacts to discover, Uncharted Waters Online offers a level of content that can satisfy core and casual players alike.

For more information on Uncharted Waters Online anniversary events and to play the game for free, please visit: http://uwo.netmarble.com/


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