Ran Online - 'Assassin' screenshots released

4:37 PM, Sep 25, 2012   |    comments
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The seventh playable class in MMORPG 'Ran Online' is the Assassin.

Min Communications, developer of MMORPG Ran Online, has released a number of new screenshots featuring the game's new Assassin class.  The Assassin is the seventh available class within Ran Online and is optimized for PvP combat.

The class is a deadly combination of East and West.  Assassins can hide or teleport themselves from the enemies and can transform into an animal figure for faster movement.  They are fully trained with various skills that are useful in PvP combat such as the 'Crowd Control' (useful in the group battles).

Already available in the Korean version of the game, the Assassin is to be added to Ran Online globally on September 27.


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