Nintendo rewards launch-time buyers of its next Pokémon titles

10:57 AM, Sep 10, 2012   |    comments
Nintendo's 'Pokémon Black Version/White Version 2' for DS.
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Nintendo is giving fans yet another reason to be excited about their October 7 launch of the Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 games for the Nintendo DS family of systems.

Gamers who are early-adopters of either of the next Pokémon video game titles will have the opportunity to download a special mythical Pokémon directly from the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.  The creature, however, will only be available until November 12.

The new mythical Pokémon is known as Genesect.  It had been restored from a 300-million-year-old fossil.  Modified by Team Plasma, this Pokémon has a signature move called Techno Blast. Genesect is the only Pokémon thus far with this move.  A Bug- and Steel-type Pokémon, it has the ability to adjust its power levels based on the foe it's battling.  This powerful Pokémon will be available from October 7 through November 12 in the United States.

Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 are currently available for pre-order from major retailers throughout North America for a suggested retail price of $34.99 each.


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