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PHOTOS: Fall 2012 Movie Lineup

8:21 AM, Aug 31, 2012   |    comments
  • 'Hotel Transylvania' -- Plot: Dracula, running a high-class hotel for monsters safe from deadly humans, finds that his daughter has, like, totally fallen for a backpacker. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'House at the End of the Street' -- Plot: A mother and daughter move to a new town and find their new neighbor is harboring a mystery about his murdered parents. (Courteys: USA Today)
  • 'Fun Size' -- Plot: This teen comedy follows one crazy night for young Wren who loses her little brother at a Halloween party thrown by the guy she's crushing on and has to get the kid home before their mom finds out what happened. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Here Comes the Boom' -- Plot: A biology teacher turns to the world of mixed martial arts to both raise money in order to save his high school's extracurricular programs and impress one of his female colleagues. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Killing them Softly' Plot: Three guys rob a Mob-protected card game, throwing the local underworld into disarray. Enter Jackie Cogan, the enforcer unleashed to hunt them down and return things to normal, in this violent crime movie based on the 1974 novel Cogan's Trade. (Courtesy; USA Today)
  • 'Finding Nemo #D' -- Plot: A re-release of the 2003 hit, Nemo gets the 3-D treatment in this Pixar story of a clownfish who swims to Sydney to rescue his captured son.(Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Nobody Walks' -- Plot: A New York artist who comes to Los Angeles to live with her married friends and their family while making a film. Things get complicated when the husband develops a crush on their houseguest. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Looper' -- Set in a future where time travel is possible finds Joe, a hit man with an unenviable mission: to kill the older version of himself. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Middle of Nowhere' -- Plot: A gifted med student named Ruby has to put her dreams on hold when her husband is sentenced to eight years in prison. With this new status quo, she embarks on an emotional journey to figure out the woman she wants to be. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Butter' -- Plot: When the champ of an annual butter-sculpting competition in a small Iowa town hangs up his carving knife, the field gets clogged up like a hardened artery between his go-getter wife, a gifted orphan girl and a local stripper. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Chasing Mavericks' -- Plot: Based on a true story, a teenage surfer learns that the famed Mavericks surf break is near his Northern California home, inspiring him to reach out to local legend Frosty Hesson and conquer the epic waves. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Alex Cross' -- Plot: James Patterson's literary detective is pitted against a serial killer named Picasso after he murders one of Cross' family members. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Argo' -- Plot: Based on a true story from the 1970s Iranian revolution, a CIA specialist hatches a plan to rescue six Americans holed up at the Canadian ambassador's house by sending in a team disguised as a sci-fi film crew. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Cloud Atlas' -- Plot: There are complexities galore in the adaptation of the award-winning 2004 sci-fi novel following six stories that span from 1850 to a distant future and explore how human lives affect one another over time. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'End of Watch' -- Plot: Cops are marked for death after confiscating a cache of money and weapons from a notorious cartel. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Frankenweenie' -- Plot: A young boy manages to bring his beloved dead dog, Sparky, back to life. The villagers are not happy. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'The Cold Light of Day' -- Plot: After his family is kidnapped during a vacation in Spain a young Wall Street trader must confront those responsible. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Dredd 3D' -- Plot: Though it shares the same character as Sylvester Stallone's 1995 Judge Dredd, filmmakers say this is a closer adaptation of the comic-book character Judge Dredd, who is tasked with ridding a futuristic city of its futuristic scourge. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Paranormal Activity 4' -- Plot: The filmmakers, as usual, are keeping a lid on the plot. But this is the first modern-day Paranormal film since the 2009 original. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'The Tall Man' -- Plot: A small-town mother looks for her missing child and stumbles into the legend of the nasty Tall Man. (Courtesy USA Today)
  • 'The Paperboy' -- Plot: In 1960s Florida, a journalist and his brother seek to exonerate a man on death row. The show-stealer, though, could be the convict's sexed-up fiancée. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Solomon Kane' -- Plot: a damned mercenary turns to fighting evil. (Photo Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Taken 2' -- Plot: The first Taken made Liam Neeson a legit action star, and the sequel finds his ex-CIA operative thrown back into the fray when he and his wife are held hostage by the dad of one of his daughter's kidnappers. (Photo Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'The Sessions' -- Plot: With the help of his priest a paralyzed man in his thirties decides now is as good a time as any to lose his virginity and reaches out to a sex surrogate. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'V/H/S' --Plot: Five top horror-genre filmmakers each take a found-footage section of this tale of a house robbery where the stolen videotapes are possessed. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Won't Back Down' -- Plot: Two determined mothers look to transform their kids' bleak inner-city school. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'The Words' -- Plot: A young writer achieves fame and infamy when word leaks that his work isn't his own. (Photo Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Trouble with the Curve' -- Plot: An ailing baseball scout takes his daughter along for a final recruiting trip. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Rec3: Genesis' -- Plot: The third installment of the original Spanish series about a demonic virus outbreak features the worst wedding ever. And then the chain saw arrives (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Resident Evil: Retribution' -- Plot: The fifth installment of the Resident Evil series features Alice looking for the source of the global outbreak, which made the world's flesh-eating undead. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Pitch Perfect' -- Plot: The Glee-ification of pop culture continues in this comedy about a freshman persuaded to join her university's female singing group, The Bellas. They give their repertoire a makeover in time to take on a bunch of dudes in a campus competition. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Posession' -- Plot: A young girl buys a possessed box at a yard sale, forcing her father and his ex-wife to work together to end the curse. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Seven Psychopaths' -- Plot: A screenwriter is thrown into a mess even he couldn't have scripted when his two weirdo friends kidnap the beloved Shih Tzu of an L.A. gangster. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Smashed' -- Plot: Married couple Kate and Charlie like to drink. A lot. When her teaching job is in jeopardy, Kate decides to get sober and revisits everything in her life, including her relationship with her husband. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Smiley' -- Plot: Evil wears a mask and kills people during Internet chats, and a troubled girl investigates. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Silent Hill: Revelation 3D' -- Plot: When her dad disappears, a young girl is introduced to a scary alternate universe, which explains her terrible nightmares. (Courtesy: USA Today)
  • 'Sinister' -- Plot: For his next book, a true-crime writer moves his family into the house where a family was brutally killed. He gets plenty to write about. (Courtesy: USA Today)
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A look at the movies scheduled to hit theaters this fall.

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