Burgaries plagues Calaveras County

11:39 PM, Jun 14, 2012   |    comments
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CALAVARAS COUNTY, CA - A wave of burglaries continue to sweep across Calaveras County.

County Sheriff Gary Kuntz also became a victim just days after he announced a "war" on those committing the crimes.

The problem is, it's not yet clear who is responsible, and theories abound.

"I just think it's the out of control methamphetamines up here. It's ridiculous," said shop owner Caleb Miles, who has been hit twice in the last two weeks.

"Kids that don't have anything to do," is the explanation offered by business owner Vickie Hurst, who said many homeowners have been hit around her community of Wilseyville.

Kuntz's home was burglarized on June 5, with theives taking $10,000 in property.

Kuntz said he wasn't sure if the burglary at his home was retaliation for promising to take on those responsible.

Kuntz said he's going to ask county supervisors for an additional five deputies in the next fiscal year's budget.

Miles also lost $10,000 in inventory and personal property in the pair of burglaries at his shop. The second time, he said a deputy had just driven by and checked his shop with the light on his car.

"So he came by, lit my place up, basically just to see; he drove down to the end of town to Poole Station Road, turned around, came back, and he said he was gone maybe three or four minutes, came back, the whole thing's smashed, everything's gone," Miles said. 

The wave of burglaries tempted some to consider the rough and tumble justice of the Gold Rush Era.

"There's a lotta oaktrees around this country and I'm sure they were strung up on 'em, you know?" said businessman John Webb.


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