Samaritan, community come to aid of homeless man's injured pup

6:00 AM, Dec 17, 2013   |    comments
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River getting his rest before his surgery.

GRANITE BAY - Thousands of dollars have poured in to help care for a 9-month-old pup after he was hit by a car in Granite Bay.

Steve Anthony says his dog River was hit Monday after wandering into the street on Douglas Boulevard.  The driver of the car didn't stop.

Anthony says he thought his dog was going to die.

"I see blood coming out of his mouth and nose. I am thinking my poor kid's head is crushed," said Anthony.

Moments after the collision, driver Jennifer Martin said she saw Anthony and decided to help.

"I called my husband and said he is going in my truck. Meet me over at the hospital," said Martin.

Martin drove Anthony and River to Atlantic Pet Hospital and gave the hospital $75, but the surgery to repair River's broken hip cost thousands more.

Martin said she then posted a plea for help on Facebook and within 12 hours, cards, gifts and more than $5,000 was raised to help River and Anthony.

"Three kids came in with their mom and gave their allowance," said Anthony. 

Atlantic Pet Hospital officials said they have received enough money to perform the surgery, thanks to donations from the community and the nonprofit Chester Foundation. The surgery will take place Tuesday afternoon.

Anthony says the support from so many good people saved more than his best friend's life.

"If they hadn't saved him, I'd be gone too."

Visit the Chester Foundation website to donate to help River.


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