3 keys to keeping your pipes clog-free on Thanksgiving

11:12 AM, Nov 27, 2013   |    comments
Men working on the kitchen sink (Photo by bradleypjohnson)
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While the mind immediately shifts to images of a table lined with turkey, trimmings good friends and family, there's a messier side of turkey day that many people don't like to discuss.

According to Max Greenberg of The Trenchless Co. plumbing company, Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year for plumbers, with many plumbing companies seeing an increase in calls by 40 to 50 percent.

Greenberg offers three key pieces of advice to keeping your pipes flowing and the plumber at bay this Thanksgiving:

1. The Sink Is Not A Trash Can
Plumbing systems cannot handle solids (even if you use the disposal), so make sure to put plate scrapings and other solids in the trash before rinsing dishes.

2. Grease and Fat Should Go In The Garbage
Grease and fat regularly build up on the inside of waste pipes much like cholesterol in arteries. However, Thanksgiving meals can be like a heart attack for your plumbing, when large amounts of grease and fat go down the drain and cause a grease clog.

3. Don't Use The Dishwasher If The Disposal Is Slow
Dishwashers are typically connected to the waste water system through the disposal, so if your disposal is full or running slow, you could get a surprise when you run your dishwasher. Do a quick check before your hit start on your dishwasher to make sure that everything is running smooth.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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