'Montana Dueling Dinosaurs' to sell at NYC auction

1:48 PM, Nov 15, 2013   |    comments
Fossils of two dinosaurs, one a plant eater, the other a meat eater - appear to be engaged in mortal combat. The fossils were found in Montana in 2006. Image provided by Bonhams/The Associated Press
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NEW YORK (AP) - Two fossilized dinosaur skeletons found on a Montana ranch in 2006 are going on the auction block in New York City. They're expected to fetch between $7 million and $9 million. 

The nearly complete skeletons are billed as the "Montana Dueling Dinosaurs." The sellers say the dinosaurs - one a plant eater, the other a meat eater - appear to be locked in mortal combat. 

They're being sold as one lot at Bonhams auction house on Tuesday. 

The skeletons were discovered by a fossil hunter on a neighbor's ranch in an area where dinosaurs once roamed. 

The sellers believe one may be a close relative of Tyrannosaurus rex. The other may be a new species similar to Triceratops. 

They hope a philanthropist buys them and donates them to a public institution.

The Associated Press

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