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BLOG: Teen visits News10 newsroom on Election Night

12:21 AM, Nov 7, 2012   |    comments
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Katie R., News10 Anchor Cristina Mendonsa's 15-year-old daughter and a sophomore at Vista Del Lago High School, joined the News10 newsroom on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012 - Election Day 2012.

Katie wrote this blog post about her night in the News10 newsroom on Election Night.

As I sit and write this, members of the Sacramento News10 News Team are bustling around the news room in a Togo's and coffee-fueled organized frenzy.

The intensity of the 2012 presidential elections puts up a definitely difficult task, but the producers, journalists, writers, photographers, and technicians of News10 succeed in the task of running smooth, reliable shows and updates for California viewers. 

Producers jog to journalist's desk to discuss tonight's shows, editors speed walk down the narrow hallways to their various booths, and writers type briskly, followed by hurrying to printers and various computers.

The newsroom and studio have people coming and going, papers and cameras in their hands as they review what they need to do. The occasional laughter is heard as hurried side conversations are exchanged.

The air is friendly but can be frantic, and when it slows down, coworkers savor taking a short break to refill their coffee mugs and lighten the mood before heading back to work.

News10 accomplishes all the things not many other workplaces can do: keeping everything steady, getting down what needs to be finished, and creating a professional environment that keeps spirits high.

An election night with News10 keeps you up to date on the status of candidates, propositions, and the future president of our great country.


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