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Tell Kate what's bugging you

12:08 PM, Apr 6, 2012

Is there something in your community that's bugging you? News10's Kate Larsen wants to hear about it! Email Kate

What's Buggin' You: Broken fountain in downtown Sacramento

1:58 PM, Jun 11, 2012

SACRAMENTO - A downtown fountain sculpture that has not worked for 10 years bugged viewers enough to contact News10's Kate Larsen.

What's Buggin' You: Purple Heart memorial mistake update

10:48 AM, Jun 11, 2012

SACRAMENTO - Chapter 385 of the Military Order of the Purple Heart made has made the decision to leave the grammatical error on their Purple Heart Memorial unchanged.

Abandoned boat illegally dumped in Elverta

9:38 AM, May 29, 2012

ELVERTA, CA -- If candy wrappers on the side of the road bug you, this story is going to drive you nuts.

What's Buggin' You: Grammatical goof on war memorial

10:51 AM, May 14, 2012

A grammatical error on the Purple Heart Memorial in Sacramento's Capitol Park was bugging one News10 viewer so much that he got in touch with Kate Larsen.

Sacramentans bugged by the 'Butt Dialing' blues

11:23 AM, May 8, 2012

SACRAMENTO - "Butt dialing" or accidental calls are an annoying side effect of cell-phone use.

Field shortage tackles local 'Aussie Rules' team

7:54 AM, Apr 17, 2012

SACRAMENTO - A local Australian Rules Football club is having a tough time finding a place to play in Sacramento.

What's Buggin' You? Burned building in disrepair

11:09 AM, Mar 19, 2012

SACRAMENTO - A dangerous building, almost destroyed by fire, is becoming a real eyesore for the Broadway business community.

What's Buggin' You? Christmas lights up in March

10:05 AM, Mar 12, 2012

WOODLAND -  Holiday light displays are a wonderful tradition but there is frustration among some News10 viewers about lights being left up on houses too long after Christmas.

What's Buggin' You? Dark streets

10:22 AM, Mar 8, 2012

SACRAMENTO - Daniel Grey, got in touch with News10's Kate Larsen when his neighborhood was left in the dark for months after copper thieves ripped out wire from his neighborhood's street lamps.

Whats' Buggin' You? How to survive skunk mating season

7:17 AM, Mar 8, 2012

SACRAMENTO - Many Sacramentans are saying something stinks in their neighborhoods.

What's Buggin' You? Bird droppings in Downtown Sacramento

1:01 PM, Mar 6, 2012

SACRAMENTO - Birds in Downtown Sacramento are forcing people to duck for cover near the Convention Center.

Natomas families still waiting to for playgrounds to reopen

1:29 PM, Feb 6, 2012

NATOMAS - Families in Natomas are still being fenced out of their neighborhood playgrounds while the City of Sacramento's Parks and Recreation Department finishes an improvement project.

What's Buggin' You: Closed playgrounds

3:24 PM, Jan 30, 2012

SACRAMENTO - Families in Natomas are being fenced out of their neighborhood playgrounds and want to know when their kids can resume playtime.

What's Buggin' You: Leaves continue to pile up in Sacramento

7:32 AM, Dec 26, 2011

SACRAMENTO - The five weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years is the busiest season for Sacramento's Solid Waste Division because of fall leaf pick-up.

What's Buggin' You? Leaf piles growing larger by the day

12:19 PM, Dec 19, 2011

SACRAMENTO - It's not hard to find Sacramentans upset about the mounds of dry leaves collecting in their neighborhoods.

What's Buggin' You: Fixed! Rough roads in South Sacramento

10:48 AM, Dec 12, 2011

SACRAMENTO - What's Buggin' You is working! Six weeks ago, some rough roads in South Sacramento were bugging a News10 viewer and today, those potholes are patched.

What's Buggin' You: New Catholic Mass has some worshippers tongue-tied

9:29 AM, Dec 5, 2011

SACRAMENTO -- Catholics are more than a week into the new advent calendar and perhaps more noticeably, the new Mass translation, an effort by the church to more faithfully track Latin liturgy.  But many Catholics have been left a bit tongue-tied by all the new prayers.

What's Buggin' You? Unfinished business, desecrated graveyard

10:28 AM, Nov 23, 2011

SACRAMENTO -- East Lawn Memorial Park on Folsom Boulevard is the final resting place for more than 100,000 people. And while most graves at the cemetery are marked, there is one section, tucked away, with no headstones in sight.

What's Buggin' You Update: Street lamps, dangerous driveway

10:17 AM, Nov 15, 2011

SACRAMENTO -- Kate Larsen follows up on a couple of problems bugging News10 viewers in the Sacramento area.

What's Buggin' You? A potentially dangerous driveway in Lincoln causes concern

2:35 PM, Nov 8, 2011

LINCOLN - Just because it's legal, doesn't mean it's safe, especially to a News10 viewer in Lincoln who is concerned about drivers turning left across double yellow lines into a shopping center driveway on Highway 65 between Sterling and Joiner Parkways.

What's Buggin' You? Rough roads and potholes

9:22 AM, Oct 31, 2011

SOUTH SACRAMENTO -- Driving over potholes bugs most drivers, particularly in California where many of our roads are overdue for repair. Rough roads near a News10 viewer's South Sacramento business were so annoying, she got in touch with reporter, Kate Larsen.

What's Buggin' You?: Street lamp outages due to copper theft

5:08 PM, Oct 29, 2011

CARMICHAEL -- Neighborhoods in Sacramento County are literally in the dark because thieves are ripping off copper wiring, and that's resulted in annoying and dangerous street lamp outages.