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UFO or what? Strange blue lights over Tracy caught on video

12:20 AM, Jan 15, 2010   |    comments
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TRACY, CA - No one in Tracy is quite sure what to make of the sight, but the appearance of strange blue light in the skies over the town prompted several calls to News10 as well as the Tracy Police Department Thursday night.

The sight of the blue light, which seemed to rise and fall and blink off and on over Tracy Thursday generated plenty of calls to the Tracy Police Department after it first appeared around 7:30 p.m. Thursday, according to Tracy police Sgt. Tony Sheneman.

News10 viewer Jeff Ruth said he and his family were driving home when they first noticed the light around 7:30 p.m. As his daughter captured the image on cell phone video, Ruth said they continued to follow the light near the Tracy Defense Depot about 1 miles southwest of Tracy.

"The lights appeared to travel high in the sky and turn off and then quickly appear close to the ground," Ruth said. Ruth said during the nearly 90 minutes they watched the light, it also seemed to blink on and off intermittently, but irregularly. It disappeared around 9 p.m.

Ruth said considering the number of lights and the length of time in the air, he doubted the lights were any type of remote-controlled plane or other flying device.

Adding to the mystery, Sheneman said the sighting, which was reported by several callers to police dispatchers Thursday, wasn't the first time the strange light lit up the Tracy police switchboard. Sheneman said the agency has received several calls about blue lights spotted over Tracy within the past few months.


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