Naughty Santas arrested at Dayton Mall

10:54 AM, Dec 20, 2010   |    comments
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MIAMISBURG -- Nearly a hundred Santa's drunk at the Dayton mall caused a major disturbance, according to Miami Township police.

"It was right there in the middle of the mall. The kids were scared to death. They're arresting Santa Claus. That's what we live for. It's the Christmas spirit," said Chris Tussey who quickly recorded an arrest a woman dressed in a Santa suit on his cell phone.

"Cops were everywhere. Santa's were running everywhere with their hats. It was, yeah, one of the most craziest things I've ever seen in my life," said Tussey.

Sgt. Paul Nienhaus with Miami Township Police says the Santas were "part of a social group or organization called 'Santa Con' that started out as a pub crawl the same evening."

We found them on the web at The group says they have members across the country, even the globe, who organize these pub crawls then go to public places.

According to their site, they give out candy to kids and naughty toys to adults. Then they sing Christmas songs from their song book that is full of naughty lyrics.

"I'm not sure if their goal was to sing Christmas carols or not. They never really got that far. They did make it into the mall and apparently got very noisy, shouting and apparently scared a lot of people there," said Sgt. Nienhaus.

Mall security wanted them out and off of the private property. Tussey says that is when it got crazy.

"All the Santas are running like every which way. They're dispersing and people in the mall, you know, they're getting a little worried because, you know, now cops are filing in from all exits and doors and everywhere."

The woman caught on Tussey's cell phone and another woman were both arrested for resisting arrest. Police say the rest of the Santa's complied and left the mall.

"It was the most craziest thing I've seen. The mall was like a stampede. Everyone was exited, you know trying to get out of there," said Tussey.


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