Five cool tech gifts for Black Friday

10:33 PM, Nov 23, 2010   |    comments
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While most retailers are touting their great deals on laptops, video game systems, blu-ray players and HDTVs, those aren't the tech gifts that folks will remember years down the road.  Now that magic wand universal television remote you gave out last year -- THAT's a tech gift worth remembering.

The Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt ($29.99 at is a t-shirt that features an actual working music synthesizer that gives professional quality sounds.  A t-shirt that can actually be rocked out WITH?  Now that's a gift to remember.

If a t-shirt isn't the gift of choice, another option is this stainless steel 8GB video watch ($99.99 at  Featuring a 1.8-inch LCD full-color display with built-in speaker, this watch lets you upload videos (AVI, MP4, WMV, ASF, MPG, MPEG, DAT, RM, MOV), JPEG images and MP3s -- all of which can be viewed/listened to directly from the watch.  Dick Tracy has nothing on this.

For those who think that numbers are SO 20th century, Acelace's binary clock ($22.40 at is just the thing.  It's a great-looking clock that displays the time not in numbers but in dots.  Confusing to those who don't know binary but terrific for those who do (or want to learn for the heck of it).  Remember, there are 10 types of people in the world:  Those who can read binary and those who cannot.

If you're shopping for the energy-conscious techie, consider picking up a Kill-A-Watt ($19.99 at Fry's Electronics).  It plugs into a normal AC jack in one's home and gives a readout of the home's energy use on its easy-to-read LCD display.  Time to show those Energy Star appliances what's watt.

Have you ever woken up during the winter wondering how cold it is inside AND outside?  If so, check out RadioShack's Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer with Hygrometer ($19.99 at RadioShack).  This little gadget accurately keeps track of the temperature and humidity readings around your home both inside and out, displaying the information on its large LCD display.

Of course, if none of these cool tech gift ideas are for your favorite techies you could always go for a gift card at Fry's Electronics, RadioShack, or any other of the many tech and electronic retailers both local and online.

- Barry White


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