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Police: Stockton man uses girlfriend's picture for target practice

9:14 AM, Aug 30, 2012   |    comments
  • Levon Dawson arrested for negligent discharge of a firea after using his girlfriend's picture as target practice.
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STOCKTON, CA - A 23-year-old Stockton man was arrested Wednesday after his neighbors complained to police of a bullet hole in the back of their house. However, when police investigated the case further, it was the reason for his shooting a gun, rather than the act itself, that made for an offbeat story.

Stockton police officers responded to the 2500 block of Pemberton Court around 10:30 a.m. in response to the report of a bullet hole in the resident' back wall. While investigating the incident, officers traced the trajectory of the bullet to the home directly behind.

A Stockton police report stated that police spoke with Levon Davis, the owner of the home from which they suspected the bullet had been fired. During their questioning, officers determined Davis had been joking with his girlfriend a couple days prior, and had posted her photo on the back fence to use as target practice with his rifle.

According to police, Davis did not realize the bullet went through the fence and into the neighboring home.

He was arrested on a charge of negligent discharge of a firearm.


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