Inventures: Cop cruisers get high tech upgrade

10:04 PM, Dec 20, 2013   |    comments
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AUBURN, CA - There's no doubt police work can be dangerous work.

Auburn company InterMotive is doing its part to protect officers across the country by developing security devices for police cruisers.

"It's an officer perimeter safety system," InterMotive President Greg Schafer said.

InterMotive specializes in vehicle control systems. Working with Ford, their latest innovation called "Surveillance Mode" helps prevent officers from being ambushed.

"What happens is sensors at the back of vehicle are all turned on and set up to warn the officer if anyone walks up behind it," Schafer explained.

It starts beeping inside the car, which alerts the officer. The doors lock and the driver's side window rolls up, then the lights will flash from the back and front of the car.

InterMotive can also mute the chimes cars make when doors are open or when keys are in the ignition. The Citrus Heights Police Department has that feature installed in some of their cruisers.

"When we go out on calls, we need to be able to be stealth and not have those chimes give out our location," Sgt. Eric Dias said.

InterMotive won't say how much money they are making. But let's put it this way: In 17 years, they've moved from a garage to a facility in Auburn with 30 employees.

They make dozens of high tech "plug and play" modules for a number of other industries. Paratransit is one of their biggest consumers.

"Basically, at this point, if it's on four wheels, we have a system for it," Schafer said.

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