10 apps that could save your life

9:53 AM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
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In addition to updating your Facebook status, posting pictures to Instagram, and making phone calls (yes, some people actually still use their phones for that), a phone could actually serve as a lifesaving device.

The obvious, and first thing, a cell phone should be used for in the case of an emergency is to dial 911. But, there are several apps one can download that could actually mean the difference between life and death.

Following are 5 iPhone apps and 5 Android apps that every phone should contain, just in case of an emergency:


wikiHow: How to and DIY survival kit app - FREE -
This could be the bible of survival. The wikiHow: How to and DIY survival kit app has information on how to avoid, escape, and survive more emergency situations than you may have even known existed. Whether you need to administer first aid, land a plane in an emergency, escape a minefield or calm a spooked camel, wikiHow shows you how to do it.

SPOT Connect - FREE -
If you think losing reception is annoying in the middle of a phone call, imagine being stranded in a location with no service when you're in a life-and-death situation. SPOT Connect utilizes a satellite service to locate you anywhere on earth regardless of signal strength. When activated, SPOT Connect sends a predefined message and location coordinates to select contacts via text or email. Perfect for campers, hikers, bikers, or anyone living in remote areas.

!Emergency! - $0.99 -
As previously stated, the first thing anyone should do in the case of an emergency is to call 911. But what if you're in a different country and you don't know the emergency code? The !Emergency! app uses your location to help you get in touch with local emergency services quickly.

Pet First Aid for Your Dog, Cat, Puppy or Kitten - $1.99 -
You've surely wondered at least once if you'd be prepared if something disastrous happened to you. But what would you do if it were your pet in trouble? The Pet First Aid: for your dog, cat, puppy or kitten app provides invaluable information to pet owners on how to prevent accidents or injuries, and how to save your pal should the need arise. The app also allows you to store your pet's pertinent medical information.

Smart-ICE4family - $2.99 -
In the case of an incapacitated victim, emergency response personnel often check the person's phone for an ICE (In Case of Emergency) number to know who to call. ICE also allows the user to record a voice message that will be played to whoever recovers the phone and opens the app. The ICE app offers an individual version which stores information for a single person, and a family version which stores data for as many as 8 profiles.  Be sure to place on the home screen for quick, easy location.


U.S. Army Survival Guide - FREE -
Who better to learn from in a survival situation than the U.S. Army? Containing 23 chapters on everything from building a shelter to identifying poisonous plants, to obtaining food, the app places the entire U.S. Army survival guide on your phone. 

ICE for Android - FREE -
As in the iPhone version, ICE provides emergency response personnel or Samaritans information on who you want contacted in an emergency situation, should you be incapable of speaking. As recommended with the iPhone version, place this crucial app on the home screen of your phone for quick, easy location. 

Life360 Family Locator - FREE -
In large-scale emergency situations, contacting friends and loved ones via calling can become impossible. The Life360 Family Locator locates people via GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell triangulation location technology. The app also allows users to send a Panic Alert text or email message, complete with GPS coordinates to pinpoint one's location in an emergency situation.

Red Cross First Aid App for Android - FREE
The Red Cross First Aid app provides step-by-step instructions on an extensive variety of first aid situations, as well as offering preventative tips to help one from encountering an emergency situation in the first place. 

MyForce - Subscription Service -
MyForce is the ideal app to alert authorities of your emergency situation as it is unfolding. As soon as the user senses danger, they can activate the app which sends a discreet alarm. When the alert is triggered, MyForce starts recording the call and pinpoints the user's location. The MyForce operator then contacts the proper authorities, as well as your emergency contacts.


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