Drinking? Find a ride with an app

5:01 PM, Dec 29, 2012   |    comments
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Happy New Year! Ring in 2013 with a big party and some delicious drinks.

But getting into your car drunk can turn a good beginning to 2013 into tragedy and regret.

California Highway Patrol and local law enforcement will be out in force with DUI checkpoints on city streets from 6 p.m. Saturday until midnight Jan. 1 to ensure the public's safety and arrest those driving drunk.

So how do you avoid getting a DUI and have a great time celebrating? Plan ahead.

The DD - Find a designated driver. Since DDs will be making sure everybody will get to and from the New Year's Eve celebrations safely, the least you can do is pay towards gas, which is cheaper than getting a taxi.

Reserve your taxi service ahead of time: A group of friends splitting a taxi fee will make getting from place to place cheap and safe. A simple online search for a taxi service in your area and a phone call will have you set up for the night.

Didn't plan ahead of time? Don't worry; these apps will get you a ride home:

Taxi Magic: iPhone and Android
Available in Sacramento, San Francisco and San Jose areas in NorCal

Cab4me: iPhone and Android
Works with taxi companies across the US to help you get a ride home

goCatch: iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
A map shows passengers all nearby cabs on a map.

*These apps are free to download and allow you to pay using your credit card through the app


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