Jaycee Dugard: How are she and her daughters doing one year after being released?

10:24 PM, Aug 25, 2010   |    comments
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SLIDESHOW: Jaycee Dugard pictures

SACRAMENTO, CA - After 18 years trapped in a dirty shed and trashy backyard, Jaycee Dugard and her two daughters are traveling, finishing their education and exploring a world kept from them for most of their lives, according to Jaycee's family.

Two family members who spoke to News10 on the condition they remain anonymous said Dugard and her children have not sequestered themselves in their compound. 

Dugard has been seen in Old Sacramento, at amusement parks with her children and after receiving her driver's license last January, she has enjoyed taking road trips. 

A report that Dugard was suicidal earlier this year was strongly refuted by a Dugard family member.

The family is said to be surrounded by teachers and counselors as they have spent a majority of this last year working on education and therapy. 

A $20 million settlement with the state of California is in the hands of financial advisors to Jaycee and will be used to sustain, educate and provide continued therapy for the family.  Dugard family members also said in previous News10 reports that she will use a portion of the money to set up a foundation for victims of crime.

While the family has been photographed rarely since granting ABC News access to family video, reports of photographers shopping new photographs of Dugard and her daughters drew a sharp response from Dugard's public relations representative Nancy Seltzer. 

"Jaycee Dugard is a person who has been through the unimaginable. Her daughters are attempting to enter the world without people pointing fingers. They are not objects to be secretly photographed and sold to publications for profit," Seltzer said. 

By family accounts, Dugard is enjoying her freedom, happy and looking forward to the day she can put the trials of accused abductors Phillip and Nancy Garrido behind her.


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