Lathrop employee gives up job so co-worker can keep hers

5:03 PM, Mar 2, 2010   |    comments
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LATHROP, CA - In an economic downturn that has millions of people looking for work, a Lathrop city employee has willingly given up her job.

She's Patricia Overy, and she's worked in the city's finance department for seven years.

It was announced at Monday's city council meeting that she was leaving her position so another finance worker in her 60s could keep her job.

"I would like to thank the city of Lathrop for the career opportunities that have been made possible during my employment," said Overy.

Overy is a mother of four and made sure to check with her husband before giving up her employment so someone else could save their job.  She figured she could cope better with the loss of a job and the search for a new one.

"I feel honored to have worked with everyone and to have the opportunity to help customers through difficult years," said Overy Monday night.

Lathrop cut 11 positions this week because of a local economy that still hasn't recovered from the foreclosure crisis.  Lathrop's city manager couldn't recall another employee giving up a position so another worker could keep on working.



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