2010 Super Bowl ads: What's hot and what's not

12:23 PM, Feb 2, 2010   |    comments
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Super Bowl 2010

SACRAMENTO, CA - With Super Bowl advertisements costing $3 million each- even in this downturn economy- a number of ads have been leaked onto YouTube to help generate a buzz or to weed out the not-so-successful spots.

MeringCarson Advertising Agency in Sacramento produced a Super Bowl spot last year for the NFL and knows what ads works. For the upcoming Super Bowl, they reviewed three different spots.

The "Whale of a Tale" spot now on YouTube featured two guys rushing to deliver precious cargo. Where they are going and why isn't revealed until later. We learn that there's a whale in the vehicle. But what exactly happens and how it all ends, we won't find out until the Super Bowl. The spot was a "teaser ad" by Bridgestone Tires.

"Was it funny? No  ...  They're trying to add drama and why is the whale in the car? But you know, I just don't care," said Greg Carson, Creative Director with MeringCarson. 

"Building up to your spot, you want people to care so having a teaser ad is a great way to do that. The problem with this is I don't know why I should care. They didn't give me any characters to care about. They didn't give me a scenario that I understand. It has to work very hard in camera cards to tell me what's gonna happen. If a teaser is forgettable, most likely a commercial is forgettable, and that's what I feel about this," Carson said.

An Anheuser Busch ad featured office workers who removed a piece of clothing in exchange for a free beer. it's all part of a clothing drive.  It was one of several spots produced and sent to focus groups. If it gets the thumbs-up, it'll be shown during the Super Bowl. 

"You know it's pretty effective. It got people talking. If nothing else, it was a free way, after you've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce your spot, a free way to get your spot out there." said Carson. "So it passed? I don't think they would have leaked it if it was going to be in the Super Bowl."

A commercial by Doritos features Nick Armstrong, a Sacramento native. It's part of the "Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest." It's one of six finalists. Voters pick their favorite on the Internet and the top three scoring spots air during the big game.

"You're selling an experience. You're selling fun. You're selling a snack so you can get away with humor that you really don't have to say a lot. That's what they're doing. It's fun...a fun concept,"  said Carson.

by Suzanne Phan, sphan@news10.net    


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