Tattooed Roseville Air Force Recruit Sworn In

7:12 PM, Dec 28, 2009   |    comments
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  • George Sanchez has his family name written with Japanese characters
  • Japanese characters spell out the last name "Sanchez"

ROSEVILLE, CA - It is a belated Christmas gift, but likely one of the best gifts for a young man from Roseville.

Last month, News10 broke the story of how enlistment into the Air Force was threatened for George Sanchez, 19.

It was because the Air Force had a policy which banned tattoos on any part of an airman's "saluting arm."  This policy went into effect months after Sanchez had joined.

After the News10 report, the Air Force had a change of heart and decided to scrap the new rule.

That opened the door for Sanchez who was sworn in Monday and later boarded a flight to San Antonio to begin his career in the Air Force.

Lt. Colonel Ruslan Sanchez said the Air Force is now working to come up with a new policy.

"The policy was being relooked at because there were some issues about the excessive amount of tattoos showing up and whether or not they were in good taste," Sanchez said. "So now the highest leadership of the U.S. Air Force is looking into that and hopefully we'll have a new policy later on down the road." 


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