Kings' Dollar Beers Draws Crowd, Criticism

8:34 PM, Dec 15, 2009   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - The Wednesday night Sacramento Kings game against the Washington Wizards will be the first nationally televised game the Kings play at home this season.

So ARCO Arena officials and Maloof Entertainment were doing everything they can to make sure every seat is filled, including a new promotion that included dollar beverages.

And yes, dollar beers are included.

Arena officials told News10 they're doing it at request of the fans. They were told more affordable food and beverages were needed for fans to come.

Apparently it was working. As of 2 p.m. Tuesday, less than 900 tickets were left for the game.

"Our fans' response to our dollar beverage promotion including beer, water and soda has been phenomenal," said Kings co-owner Gavin Maloof. "Sacramento and ARCO Arena will look awesome on national TV tomorrow night."

The arena is taking extra security steps for safety though, according to Mitch Germann of Maloof Entertainment.

"We're working closely with the sheriff's office, we've increased security, you can only buy two at a time, all of our concession workers are trained not to serve anyone who's intoxicated, we have a place for people to get a cab after the game if they need it and all alcohol sales will be cut off at the end of halftime," said Germann. "We really want to make sure everything is handled responsibly tomorrow night."

But even with the additional security, Mothers Against Drunk Driving of California says the event promotes binge drinking.

"You figure the Kings game is approximately three hours long, how many beers can somebody drink, sober up, and then get home safely," asked Brenda Frachiseur of MADD California.

Frachiseur said a safer idea would have been family-friendly, like dollar hot dogs.

She reminded anyone who drinks to have a designated driver.

According to a ranking report by ESPN the Kings rank dead last in NBA attendance over the last year, averaging 12,077 fans per game.

by Nick Monacelli,


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