Expert: Roseville Galleria paid no attention to social media for flash mob

9:45 PM, Dec 21, 2010   |    comments
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Photo from Kyle Dahl

BLOG: Social Media takeaway on flash mob
PHOTOS: Roseville Galleria evacuated

ROSEVILLE, CA -- Events dubbed "flash mobs"are usually a surprise to those at the public venue where they take place. But in the one planned by the Sacramento Choral Society for Monday night, the word was out way ahead of time via blogs, Twitter, e-mails and the society's own Facebook page.

The Roseville Galleria knew the event was taking place, but had no idea how many people would actually show up either to take part or to watch the Choral Society sing the "Hallelujah Chorus."  As the Food Court floor became jammed with people, popping sounds were heard, and the floor itself seemed to shift.

Fire and police officials were called and the mall was evacuated.

"If (the Galleria) had a social business strategy of some kind," said Jeff Marmins of the C7group, "then they would have been prepared. They would have had shopping before Christmas happening instead of sending thousands of people home."

With tracking software, the increasing interest in the event would have been detected, Marmins said.

Marmin's company believes this is the new reality of marketing in the age of social media: that a company no longer simply needs to gets its message out there, it also needs to be aware of the message that is coming back.

"Instead, what's happening is you need to have a strategy in order to interact with that customer, to listen better so you can see the spike in the metric before the mob gets there."

No one was hurt in the evacuation and inspectors cleared the mall to open again on Tuesday.

By Jonathan Mumm,


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