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Stockton man fights off robber with chain saw

1:33 PM, Dec 14, 2010   |    comments
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  • Jerry West
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STOCKTON, CA - A 67-year-old Stockton man used his chain saw to frighten off a man who not only tried to rob him, but pulled the trigger of a gun during the crime.

It happened Sunday morning behind the Safeway Store in the Country Club neighborhood of Stockton.

Jerry West was doing tree maintenance after one of the trees behind the store fell during heavy winds.  That's when he was approached by a man with a gun.

"(He said) put down the saw, empty your pockets and give me your wallet.  I said, 'that's not going to happen,'" said West.

The man clearly wasn't kidding and elevated the incident.

"He says 'I'm not joking. I'll kill you.'   I started at him and took two steps forward and he pulled the trigger on the gun," said West.

Luckily, the gun didn't fire and West was the one with the weapon. 

"He laughed at me and I said, 'That ain't funny.'  Then I approached him with the chain saw and he took off running," said West.

West ran for about 15 feet before realizing he wouldn't catch the man who was about 40 years younger.  With time to think about what happened after refusing to hand over his things, West realized giving chase would not change matters, apparently.

"I think it was pretty stupid, but if I had to do it over again, I'd do it again.  I work hard for my money.  I wasn't going to give it up," West said.

The man was wearing a dark jacket with a hood. West wasn't certain he'd be able to identify him.




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