Sacramento traveler wants TSA screener arrested for security pat-down

8:53 PM, Nov 18, 2010   |    comments
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  • Wendy Gigliotti

SACRAMENTO, CA - A woman who said she felt sexually violated by a security screener at Sacramento International Airport is insisting on a criminal investigation.

Wendy James Gigliotti, 43, believes she was pulled from the line of passengers going through security Tuesday morning because she was wearing a loose-fitting skirt.

Gigliotti said the female screener ordered her to spread her legs, and then conducted an extremely personal pat-down in full view of other passengers.

"I feel like I was sexually assaulted.  Anybody but my husband or my doctor shouldn't be touching me up between my legs," she said.

Gigliotti, who is visiting family in Ann Arbor, Michigan until mid-December, said the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department told her she should have reported the incident before she got on the plane.

Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Tim Curran confirmed the policy.  "The victim is no longer here. We wouldn't take that type of report over the phone."

Curran said local authorities would prefer passengers file a complaint directly with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), but that the sheriff's department would take an incident report at the scene if a passenger insisted upon it.

Gigliotti said she had already made multiple attempts to contact the TSA without any response.

Curran said Gigliotti could see if a local police agency in Michigan would be willing take a report and forward it to Sacramento County sheriff's investigators.

Gigliotti told News10 that's what she intended to do.

By George Warren,


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