Stockton Crime

Stockton's ceasefire appears to be working

4:32 PM, Jan 14, 2014

STOCKTON - High bail amounts are keeping drug and gang suspects in jail under Operation Ceasefire.


Stockton police credit 'Shotspotter' for guns, arrest

6:28 PM, Jan 1, 2014

STOCKTON - Stockton police said on Wednesday that Shotspotter, their gunfire detection system, was a big help as people celebrated the new year with gunfire.

Day 2 of holiday roundup fills jail

4:09 PM, Dec 12, 2013

STOCKTON - Sheriff's deputies, police officers and probation officials from around San Joaquin County hit the streets Thursday for the second day of Operation Safe Holidays.

Stockton police asking for help solving man's murder

4:06 PM, Dec 10, 2013

STOCKTON - Stockton police detectives are asking for the public's help to help them find the person or persons responsible for the fatal shooting of a man on Oct. 26.

Use of ShotSpotter in Stockton leads to arrests

4:06 PM, Dec 10, 2013

STOCKTON - Stockton Chief of Police Eric Jones said Tuesday morning the gunfire-sensing program called ShotSpotter has worked in his city.

Stockton police using ShotSpotter to locate gunfire

4:04 PM, Dec 6, 2013

STOCKTON - Equipment tested for last six months helps police detect gunfire.

State leaders study Stockton's drop in crime

5:00 PM, Aug 23, 2013

STOCKTON - After two years of record numbers of homicides, Stockton may be turning the corner on violent crime. State leaders are studying what Stockton has done to turn the statistics around.

8 year old shot, mother arrested

8:45 AM, Jul 26, 2013

STOCKTON - Stockton police arrested a mother on weapons and child endangerment charges after her 8-year-old daughter was shot Thursday night.

Man suspected of stabbing woman 3 times during fight

5:46 AM, Jun 28, 2013

STOCKTON - A woman was stabbed following a verbal confrontation with her neighbor that turned physical Thursday night, say police.

Police: Stockton teen makes daring attempt to recover stolen phone

6:50 AM, Jun 25, 2013

STOCKTON - A 16-year-old robbery victim made a bold move to try to recover his stolen property from two men trying to flee the scene of the crime Monday night, said police.

Stockton mayor's tax plan sidelined

4:01 PM, Jun 19, 2013

STOCKTON - Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva says a compromise with the city manager on a different tax proposal to pay for more police officers and reduce the city's debt is likely.


How a Stockton bar owner uses Facebook to keep out troublemakers

6:21 PM, Jun 17, 2013

STOCKTON - A Stockton bar owner is using Facebook to build a list of customers welcomed at his establishment after 9 at night.

Stockton police staffing slowly increasing

4:28 PM, Jun 17, 2013

STOCKTON - With 13 more police officers, federal assistance becomes available to the city of Stockton to hire more cops.

Police: Man assaults brother, girlfriend tries to spring him from patrol car

8:17 AM, Jun 17, 2013

STOCKTON - A 23-year-old man was arrested for allegedly attacking his brother on Sunday, and his girlfriend was arrested moments later when she tried to help him escape, say police.

Stockton police reserves work on the front lines

4:25 PM, Jun 6, 2013

STOCKTON - Fourteen reserve police officers volunteer their time to help keep Stockton streets safe.

Meat delivery men robbed at gunpoint in Stockton

5:39 AM, Jun 6, 2013

STOCTKON - Two meat delivery men were robbed at gunpoint in Stockton Wednesday night, say police.

Young girl shot while riding in car in Stockton

6:39 AM, May 29, 2013

STOCKTON - A young girl was shot while riding in the front seat of a car in Stockton Tuesday.

Stockton mayor attempts fence mending in speech

4:04 PM, May 16, 2013

STOCKTON - Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva announced his appreciation for the city manager and police chief during his state of the city speech Thursday afternoon.


Person killed in Stockton shooting

9:55 AM, May 16, 2013

STOCKTON -   A person found shot on the 6700 block of Plymouth Road in Stockton just after midnight Thursday has died.

CHP: Arrest made in Stockton drive-by shooting

4:42 PM, May 6, 2013

STOCKTON - California Highway Patrol officers made a quick stop of a man believed involved in a drive-by shooting in Stockton just minutes earlier late Sunday night.

Stockton police shut down 2 Internet cafe gambling operations

11:19 AM, Apr 24, 2013

STOCKTON - Two businesses authorities say were fronts for illegal Internet gambling were raided by Stockton vice detectives and state justice department agents Tuesday.

Stockton wife, husband recovering after home invasion

5:02 PM, Apr 23, 2013

STOCKTON - An older couple was hurt when an intruder burst into their Civic Center district home Tuesday morning and punched them, say Stockton police.

Details released in Stockton ATF investigation (photos)

2:05 PM, Apr 23, 2013

STOCKTON - A four-month investigation conducted by federal law enforcement and Stockton police yielded 55 arrests, 84 firearms and 36 pounds of methamphetamine, among other narcotics, authorities say.

Police: Woman walking with baby robbed of gold chain

10:29 AM, Apr 12, 2013

STOCKTON -A woman was assaulted and robbed of her gold chain in Stockton Thursday night, according to Stockton police reports.

Stockton man survives close-range shooting

6:07 AM, Apr 12, 2013

STOCKTON - A Stockton man is lucky to be alive Friday morning after another man shot at him during an argument Thursday night.

Stockton 'calls in' criminals for ceasefire

11:20 PM, Apr 11, 2013

STOCKTON - The first major step in Marshall Plan took place Thursday night with Ceasefire "call ins", which involves communicating with known criminals.

Downtown Stockton park reclaimed by kids

5:21 PM, Apr 10, 2013

STOCKTON - Criminals have been driven out of Fremont Park and now kids can use the park again.

Man dies at Stockton hospital after shooting

5:38 AM, Apr 9, 2013

STOCKTON - A man shot in Stockton succumbed to his injuries at an area hospital Monday night.

Police: Argument between friends ends in gunfire

12:28 PM, Mar 22, 2013

STOCKTON - A man was shot by his friend when their argument turned violent on Thursday, say police.

Police: Man confesses to killing girlfriend in Stockton

4:25 PM, Mar 18, 2013

STOCKTON - A man was arrested in Stockton Sunday night after informing police he had killed his girlfriend.

Stockton woman injured trying to prevent car theft

1:31 PM, Mar 15, 2013

STOCKTON - A woman was injured while trying to stop a man from stealing her car from in front of her Stockton apartment Friday morning.

Police: Stockton man mugged for beer

7:38 AM, Mar 11, 2013

STOCKTON - A 62-year-old man was mugged on Sunday for his cell phone and a single can of beer, say Stockton police.

2 sought, 2 detained in San Joaquin Co. pursuit

11:23 AM, Mar 7, 2013

STOCKTON -Two people are sought and two were detained following a pursuit that began in Stockton on Thursday morning.

Teens suspected of attempted burglary in Stockton

12:43 PM, Mar 4, 2013

STOCKTON - Two teenage boys, 15 and 17, were arrested on Sunday morning after police say they attempted to break into a home on the 2200 block of Stern Place.

3 shot within 3 hours in Stockton

2:37 PM, Mar 1, 2013

STOCTKON - Three people in Stockton were wounded in three separate shootings within a three-hour time period spanning from Thursday night to early Friday morning.

Stockton felon allowed home for the holidays

11:38 PM, Feb 27, 2013

STOCKTON - A wanted man shot by Stockton police two weeks ago during an attempted carjacking probably should never have been out on the streets in the first place because of his lengthy criminal past.

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