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How many gifts in your shopping cart were made in America?

7:41 PM, Dec 12, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - We spent a morning at Arden Fair Mall, asking shoppers if they'd mind going through their bags to see where the presents they bought were made.

Shopper Venus Jones looked at the tags on her purchases and found most were made in China. In fact, economists estimate American shoppers will buy $10 billion worth of Chinese goods for Christmas this season. 

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"Got some Disney products," Taylor Fernandez said. "I would assume they were made in America."

But the stuffed Minnie Mouse toy she pulled out was actually made in Vietnam.

"It says American Eagle, you'd think that would be made in America," said shopper Sandy Haskins, choosing one item in her bag. 

But that tag also said Vietnam.

It's estimated that American shoppers will spend around $700 on holiday gifts this year. Economists said if each of those shoppers spent just $64 on a present made in America, it could create 200,000 new jobs.

So, ABCNews and News10 have partnered up for the "Great Made in America Christmas Challenge," asking holiday shoppers to buy at least one present made in the United States.

ABC has put together a list of American companies making American products and the list includes a number of companies in the Northern California area. They've posted it on their website:

So the question is:  "Are you in?"

By Jonathan Mumm,


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