Mass. IDs more people touched by drug lab scandal

3:17 PM, Oct 12, 2012   |    comments
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BOSTON (AP) - An attorney appointed to lead a review of drug cases in the wake of a scandal at a Massachusetts lab says many of the 34,000 defendants who could be affected have already served their time or otherwise had their cases resolved.

David Meier, a former state prosecutor, says state officials believe that many of the 34,000 cases already made their way through the courts before the lab was shut down in August.

Authorities have identified about 1,140 people who are currently serving sentences in cases where chemist Annie Dookhan participated in testing.

Meier said Friday that officials have identified an additional 800 who may have had drug samples tested by Dookhan. That includes some people being held on bail awaiting trial, some on parole, and juveniles who were previously placed in state custody.

The Associated Press

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