GoDaddy-hosted sites operational again

9:24 PM, Sep 10, 2012   |    comments
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Websites, perhaps up to 5 million of them, hosted by were down Monday. The crash lasted nearly five hours.

GoDaddy serves mostly small businesses. The GoDaddy outage sparked lots of complaints on Twitter. is a website that lists happy hour deals around Sacramento. Business owner, Darrel Ng, tweeted "Looks like CowtownEats is down due to GoDaddy being hacked. Will let you know when it's back up."

About five hours later, he tweeted, "Fear not, CowtownEats fans. Looks like the site's back up. Or at least it is for me."

Ng said he was really upset by the outage because he makes money from advertising. For every minute his site CowtownEats was down, he wasn't making money.

Meanwhile, @MetroEdge tweeted, "We're victims of the GoDaddy crash so our website it down temporarily."

On Facebook, News10 follower Steve Lambdin said, "I didn't have email all day. I couldn't receive any of my e-faxes from doctors. It only made my tomorrow busier."

Trish Heffner of Modesto wrote about the company "Cheap Geeks."

Heffner said, "My husband runs an IT company and has been getting calls all day because of it!"





GoDaddy said no personal information was compromised.

A hacker claiming affiliation with Anonymous took responsibility for the massive web-host outage. But neither the hacker, nor the group Anonymous, has provided any evidence to support that claim.






"There's a huge number of businesses that only depend on the web for communication, commerce, transactions. As a result, when this attack happend, it put a halt on a great deal of commerce going on in the United States and internationally," said Dr. Andy Jones, a UC Davis Professor and radio talkshow host.






Reporter Suzanne Phan contributed to this story.

Twitter: @suzannephan 








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